Fingerprint Sharing Leads to Deportation of 47,000 Illegal Aliens

Through a program called Secure Communities, law enforcement officials have been deporting criminal immigrants.  Various advocate groups are trying to stop the program claiming that lower-level criminals and non-criminals are being deported as well.  According to ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement) records, nearly 47,000 people have been deported from October 2008 to June 2010. The Obama administration wants to make Secure Communities a nationwide program by 2013.

I fully support this program and don't consider it racial profiling.  If you're picked up for a crime, your identity should be checked, no matter what.  The very fact that you're in the country illegally makes you a criminal in my book.  What part of illegal do people not undersand?  If you come across the border or on a plane...whatever...if you don't have proper papers(visa and/or passport) you are an ILLEGAL alien and should be sent back to whatever country you come from.

If you want to live in the US, apply for a visa, wait your turn and come over, and act like a civilized, law-abiding, tax-paying member of American society. I'm sorry if you have economic, government, other issues with your country but we can't take everyone.  Living in the US is not a right, it's a privilege.

MGP Documentary

Here is a short film made by actor Sebastian Roche about Rev. Sam Childers.  Great piece of work.

Machine Gun Preacher documentary trailer from Sebastian Roche on Vimeo.

Supreme Court Trims Miranda Rights

I'm shocked they are doing this but glad.  I think criminals get too many rights as it is.  If you're innocent, you shouldn't have to worry about the changes. If you're guilty, you're pretty much screwed. **Evil laugh**
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14

I'm guessing that means to listen to what God's plan is and work toward that goal. 
My goal is to get a degree in crime scene investigation and homeland security so I can solve crimes so the guilty parties can pay for their crimes legally.  They will have to answer to God as well.  I also want to prevent evil acts of terrorism against innocent civilians.

Immigrant Fingerprinting Program in Colorado

Here is a link to an article about a program in Colorado to identify illegal immigrants fingerprinted during arrests for deportation:

Immigrant groups criticize fingerprint initiative

If you're in this country legally, you shouldn't be worried, but if you're here illegally, your ass should be gone. Most countries have very strict immigration policies, but if we try to enforce ours, we get criticized. I don't care what color, ethnic group, economic background, country of origin you're from, if you're here illegally, get out! It's not a God-given right to be an American citizen. It's a privilege you have to earn if you weren't born in American or have American parents.

Another Man's War by Sam Childers

If you haven't read the book or even heard of Sam Childers, you should most definitely check it out. The book rotates between his own life story growing up and becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, tough life as a biker, getting married, finding Jesus. He became a crusader to save the orphaned children in Sudan and Uganda from being kidnapped by the violent members of the LRA(Lord's Resistance Army). Sam is known as the Machine Gun Preacher due to use of guns to fight the LRA to save the children and other innocent civilians of these two African countries. A movie called Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler as Sam Childers is currently being filmed. From what I've seen from movie set pics and read about Sam's life, it will hopefully open up many more people's eyes to the ignored tragedies occurring every day as well as story of redemption.