Another Man's War by Sam Childers

If you haven't read the book or even heard of Sam Childers, you should most definitely check it out. The book rotates between his own life story growing up and becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, tough life as a biker, getting married, finding Jesus. He became a crusader to save the orphaned children in Sudan and Uganda from being kidnapped by the violent members of the LRA(Lord's Resistance Army). Sam is known as the Machine Gun Preacher due to use of guns to fight the LRA to save the children and other innocent civilians of these two African countries. A movie called Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler as Sam Childers is currently being filmed. From what I've seen from movie set pics and read about Sam's life, it will hopefully open up many more people's eyes to the ignored tragedies occurring every day as well as story of redemption.


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