Criminal Defense Lawyers

I completely understand and value the right to counsel for a defendant in a criminal case.  BUT I have a problem with the lengths a lot of them go to to get their client off.  The most recent, and obvious example is the Casey Anthony case. Jose Baez stood up in his opening argument and accused Casey's father of sexually abusing her, which is why is she was a lying whore(my opinion) and also said Caylee died in a drowning accident. Try as they might, there was not concrete evidence of an accidental death.  I'll never understand how criminal defense sleep at night when they know their client is guilty.  OJ was also guilty as the day is long....He never did find the "real killer"...wait yes he stared him in the face every time he looks in a mirror.

Last week Alan Dershowitz was spewing BS about "… it is better one hundred guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer." I don't want anyone innocent person sitting behind bars and no guilty person to go free.

I think there was more than enough evidence to convict Casey of 2nd Degree Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse and Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child.  I think if the death penalty issue wasn't the table it may have made it easier to convict the evil bitch.  All we can do is wait and she will screw up and end up in jail again....for something.  I just hope she has a horrible life for as long as she's allowed to live.


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